Inbenta: Taking NLP to the Global Enterprise

AI Business recently caught up with Jordi Torras, CEO and Founder of Inbenta. Inbenta specialises in Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence, and use this technology to help companies improve…
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AIconics Award Winners: HCL Technologies – Best Innovation in NLP

As many businesses look toward productivity and automation of roles and tasks, Natural Language Processing sits at the heart of the opportunity. There is a great amount of potential for…
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Explore Global natural language processing (NLP) market that is all set to grow exponentially during the forecast 2020

The study of the natural language processing technology provides a clear view of the global market including its driving & limiting factors, and opportunities & threats. Natural Language Processing is…
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Tectonic Business Shift Will Change How Financial Services Are Perceived

In today’s world of intense competition, the declining working age population, global anaemic demand and appetite for re-industrialization, technological innovation has risen as the key to corporate success. The “survival…
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Cognitive Search & Analytics Transforms The Enterprise From Data Driven to Information Driven

The quest for actionable insights and answers from within vast troves of data is neverending within the modern enterprise. There’s good reason for that – it is the end goal of…
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Ingage: Conversational Interfaces Transforming Computing

This week, AI Business caught up with Rashad A. Jaffery, the CEO of Rashad has a wealth of experience building scalable software products for enterprises, mobile operators, and consumer…
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