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Established in 2014, AI Business is a leading content portal for artificial intelligence and its real-world applications.

We have grown to become one of the most visited AI websites in the world, with an audience of over 20,000 monthly readers and nearly 10,000 newsletter subscribers; the conversations continue in our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook communities.

No longer is artificial intelligence the domain of futurists and technologists, it has evolved into a useful tool with hundreds of business applications. With our exclusive access to the global c-suite and the trendsetters of the technology world, we aim to bring our readers up-to-the-minute insights into how AI is transforming the global economy—and our societies—today.

But the website is just one half of the equation: readers who are looking to deepen their understanding of AI are invited to attend the AI Summit series of events, taking place in London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Silicon Valley, Cape Town and New York.

Like the debate around artificial intelligence, AI Business has developed in leaps and bounds. Following the acquisition by business intelligence giant Informa in 2019, we have developed entirely new content formats in order to deliver market-leading insight into the future of business. Our YouTube channel, AIB TV, brings our subscribers exclusive content from the AI Summit, while our informative webinars, eBooks, podcasts and research papers developed in partnership with Tractica equip business leaders the knowledge and resources they need to succeed in this technological race.

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