AfricaCom: AI and human-centered design thinking

Warren Hero from Webber Wentzel talks about the applications of machine learning in the legal profession

Conversations about AI often focus on technology, but we shouldn’t forget that most business outcomes are linked to relationships with people, said Warren Hero, chief digital officer at Webber Wentzel, a law firm headquartered in Johannesburg

Webber Wentzel – recently recognized as the African law firm of the year – aims to build a completely digital practice. Hero was speaking at AfricaCom about his experience of applying AI in the legal profession to increase both efficiency and productivity.

He revealed that in the first AI experiment the company ran, it was able to decrease the time required to deliver a specific service from seven months to just three weeks.

“in the process, we were able to give our clients certainty about, first of all, the quality of the outcome. And, second of all, about the cost of that outcome,” Hero said.

“One of the things that we do is we employ technology to support our employees so that they can have a more engaging experience as well. And we do that by making sure that they have the data at their disposal in order to have the appropriate conversation with our clients.”