Real estate may not be the first industry that springs to mind when we consider the transformative potential of drones and artificial intelligence. However, with technology advancing at such pace, new commercial applications are being unveiled all the time, and the property retail and management sectors both stand to benefit.

Drones Are Creating Real Estate Cinematography

For the last century, estate agents have relied heavily on manual, ground-level photography to market property. Any technological advances in this area have come in the form of improvements to digital cameras, or by using aircraft such as helicopters to capture aerial views.

Since the 1990s, satellite imagery has been available to the public for personal and commercial purposes, including real estate. Satellite imagery producers Earth-i have observed how satellite data can offer invaluable insights to urban planning and monitoring industries, which can easily encompass every stage of property development, from construction to marketing. Tapping into this distant source provides new, detailed perspectives on properties for potential buyers.

Aerial photographs of real estate have many applications beyond selling houses. Satellites are able to take a range of data across large areas of ground. These insights can be analyzed to calculate insurance and property prices by identifying risk factors such as flooding, subsidence or landslides much more efficiently than helicopters or ground observations.

However, with drones threatening to replace satellites in a number of fields previously dominated by space technology, new options for real estate are emerging much closer to home. Drones have recently been permitted to to fly above houses and through gardens, gathering more intimate, detailed footage for home buyers.

It’s probable that this extravagant method of house viewing will not take off in mainstream property marketing agencies, but it may become a part of more elite retail markets. Not only will millionaire customers be able to view vast property grounds from the air, but, thanks to virtual reality touring platforms such as Horoma, buyers are now able to scope out the interior of potential new multi-million dollar homes.


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Feature image credit: Flickr