Flip.to has created an artificial intelligence-led platform that it claims to be the start of “real personalisation at scale” for hotels.

The brand advocacy service – which usually incentivises guests to share their upcoming stay with their social networks as soon as they’ve booked a room – has developed a system whereby it uses two forms of machine learning to identify both human attributes (such as gender, age, etc) and characteristics within content to create new marketing messages for a property.

Previously, guest “stories” would be collected and then shared on the Flip.to platform that is integrated within a hotel’s website, allowing a property to not only showcase its product but (hopefully) gain some form of legitimacy, it having come via a guest.

Now, using the AI processes, between Vision AI and Faces AI (the two new bits of Flip.to tech), a hotel can see all the content from guests automatically fitted with descriptions and tagged during the curation process, essentially saving the marketing team and effort of a manual process.

CEO Brian Kent says:

“Amazing tech lets us gather real insight on the guest stories we capture.

“What’s different is that for the first time, hotels can apply these insights to deliver content in a way that truly resonates with their future guests.”


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Source: https://www.tnooz.com/article/hotels-turn-guest-joy-into-social-messages-using-artificial-intelligence/