Experts in AI: Machine learning is being co-opted by cyber criminals

Justin Fier from Darktrace talks about the next big trend in cyber security

AI algorithms can perform certain tasks much faster than humans, and this fact hasn’t been lost on the cyber criminal fraternity. Machine learning is now used to attack businesses, while a new generation of cyber security startups is adopting the same technologies to protect corporate data. Darktrace is one such company.

At the AI Summit in San Francisco, Justin Fier, director of cyber intelligence and analytics at Darktrace, gave a keynote on the potential of AI for both cyber attack and cyber defense.

“Because AI and machine learning have become so easily and readily available to anyone, the bad guys are using it. A lot of it is still hypothetical, but we are just now starting to see the first signs of machine learning-based malware pop up on our customers’ networks,” Fier told AI Business.

He said the three largest challenges currently facing enterprises, as far as their cyber defense is concerned, are the lack of visibility into their networks, alert fatigue and issues with communication between business units.

Fier also discussed the upcoming security product called AI Analyst – which was trained by real people over the past 3.5 years and will be available for free with the next version of the Darktrace platform.