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FastChat: The Art and Science of Scaling AI Throughout the Enterprise
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Scaling technology is easy – we’ve now hit a point where the supply of compute is near-endless, helping organizations rapidly grow their applications and services to any limit necessary. But what else, besides servers, storage, and networking, is involved in scaling AI throughout an enterprise? And how can businesses best position themselves to reap the benefits of this technology?
FastChat: The Rise of Everyday AI
  • Information Resources
While a lot of excitement and attention is rightfully given to cutting edge research in AI, there is a much quieter, but potentially much more impactful, revolution taking place: the rise of Everyday AI. Instead of searching for the latest technological advancements, businesses can now adopt AI through investments in off-the-shelf systems and skills that result in Everyday AI, and extraordinary people.
Artificial Intelligence in Retail
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Complete this quick form and you'll get access to: Top 5 reasons why retail chatbots fail (and how to fix them), and Future Forward: CX strategies and opportunities for retailers.
Artificial Intelligence in Telecommunications
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Complete this quick form and you'll get access to: The Future of Customer Experience (CX) in a 5G World, and Future Forward: CX strategies and opportunities for telcos.
Knowledge isn't power when you can't find it
  • Information Resources
This Knowledge Management survey report uncovers the challenges, business priorities and success factors of the Knowledge and Information Management within large companies.
Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust
  • Information Resources
Data Science Fails: Building AI You Can Trust outlines eight important lessons that organizations must understand to follow best data science practices and ensure that AI is being implemented successfully.
Leading Global Telco Transforms Customer Engagement
  • Information Resources
Read this case study to discover how one telco used Nuance Conversational IVR, Nuance Live Chat, and Nuance Virtual Assistant to adapt its engagement channels to meet rising customer expectations.
Will 5G Transform CX? Global Telco Leaders Speak Out
  • Information Resources
This new report from Omdia, based on in-depth interviews with seven executives from global communications service providers (CSPs), looks at the impact of 5G on customer engagement strategies.
AI 360: hold, fold, or double down? Insights on winning with AI in business
  • Information Resources

Leading companies use AI to deliver exceptional experiences by predicting and responding to the needs of employees and customers. But how?

The AI 360 report explores insights from 500 senior executives, and 4,000 consumers and workers. Key findings include:

  • Improved customer experience is the top AI business benefit
  • If you can prove your business is AI bias free, consumers are more likely to buy from you
  • Workers think AI presents career opportunities, but they want reskilling and most companies aren’t meeting demand
To use these and other insights to make your AI initiatives a success, download the full report.

Overseeing AI: Governing artificial intelligence in banking
  • Information Resources
AI is changing the face of the banking industry. How can banks meet the governance challenges and take advantage of this game-changing technology? To answer this crucial question, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Temenos have produced a new report – Overseeing AI: Governing Artificial Intelligence in Banking Key findings in the report include: • 77% of banking leaders believe AI will define winning from losing banks.* • COVID-19 will intensify the use of AI. This makes effective governance more urgent • “Black box” risk and lack of human oversight are key concerns surrounding the use of AI in banking. This makes ethical, fair and well-documented AI-based decisions vital. To create this report, the EIU conducted a global regulatory review of over 25 reports and summarized the main issues raised by regulators on the topic of managing AI risks in banking. These documents were published in the last three years by banking and financial sector supervisory authorities, central banks and supranational institutions, universities and consultancies.
Transformational CX requires wholistic conversational AI
  • Information Resources
This white paper, authored by Omdia in partnership with Interactions, takes an inside look at the current landscape of CX communications, maps out the challenges, and outlines the key elements of a winning plan.
Unlock enterprise document intelligence with AI
  • Information Resources
In this eBook, sponsored by AI-based software company EdgeVerve, we take a look at the following artificial intelligence technologies; Document Digitization,Computer Vision,Natural Language Processing and Intelligent Search, as applied to document management.
Becoming AI driven
  • Information Resources
Customer service centers serve as organizational information hubs, resonating with the voices of the customers. Properly utilized, they can satisfy customers and improve retention; they can also drive revenue by cross-selling and up-selling. To do this, they must manage the volume of interactions efficiently and control average handle time (AHT). Download this whitepaper to learn more.
Cognitive Search & Analytics to Optimize Customer Service
  • Information Resources
Customer service centers serve as organizational information hubs, resonating with the voices of the customers. Properly utilized, they can satisfy customers and improve retention; they can also drive revenue by cross-selling and up-selling. To do this, they must manage the volume of interactions efficiently and control average handle time (AHT). Download this whitepaper to learn more.
Gaining an edge with Operational Intelligence and AI
  • Information Resources

In this eBook, created in partnership between AI Business and innovative software vendor DRYiCE, we look at both emerging trends and specific use cases in deploying AI for business.

We discuss the broader components of a well-functioning digital enterprise, like data management and business flow monitoring, and pay special attention to the financial services sector, which is pioneering many of the more recent AI use cases.

This eBook covers:

  • Corporate buy-in for AI and DX projects
  • The importance of monitoring
  • The future of AI
  • The obstacles to implementation
  • The likely impact across different industries

Top considerations for deploying a production-ready AI/ML environment
  • Information Resources
In a digital world, data offers a competitive advantage. Even so, collecting data is only the starting point — how you use your data is the real differentiator. This report covers the steps required to successfully build a production-ready AI/ML environment process.
Why AI? How Language & AI Services Go Hand-In-Hand
  • Information Resources
For more than 20 years, Lionbridge has been growing a community of passionate experts around the world. Whatever the need—a lightning-speed translation, a QA check for a video game, a high-quality dataset labeled to train a chatbot—their tech-enabled community gets it done.
Insurers embrace digital transformation through automation
  • Information Resources
Low premium growth, evolving regulations, and increased competition from new Insurtech startups are just some of the insurance industry’s major challenges. To overcome them, insurers must achieve operational excellence by streamlining their processes.
Intelligent Automation in Life Sciences
  • Information Resources
An industry traditionally slow to adopt technology is now clamoring to become a digital frontrunner. Stakeholders in the life sciences industry are now asking what technology can do for their organizations and how they can automate processes to enable their staff to focus on strategic activities to improve business outcomes.
Pharma's Transformation through Automation
  • Information Resources
How your staff can be relieved from drudgery, augment their capacity, and unleash creativity with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in life sciences
RPA - From Order to Cash
  • Information Resources
Intelligent bots improve cash flow, increase working capital and customer satisfaction
RPA - From Procure to Pay
  • Information Resources
Businesses leverage automation for back-office processes that have traditionally been manually performed. The spotlight has settled specifically on accounts payable and procure-to-pay. Inefficiencies and errors in accounts payable are responsible for some of the most formidable challenges your business faces today.
The Intelligent Digital Workplace
  • Information Resources
Today, employees spend around 10–20% of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), businesses can offload these cumbersome tasks to their Digital Workforce, giving human workers more time for productivity and innovation.
DRYiCE iControl: Next Generation Business Flow Intelligence
  • Information Resources
Siloed business units and a myriad of compliance issues are inherent to the financial services industry. Adopting a comprehensive approach to monitoring business flow is the first step toward better business outcomes

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