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AI in AMI Software
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AI supports Utilities in managing a complex future as they face greater challenges than ever before
No 'One Size Fits All' - Processor Infographic
  • Infographics
"There is no one size-fits-all AI processor solution currently and the market should expect to see an increase and diversification in both hybrid heterogenous solutions and highly optimized AI coprocessors"
AI in Asia Pacific
  • Infographics
Navigating the complex AI landscape requires foresight of the vertical markets that will soar in a space where global software revenues alone will be $126 billion by 2025
Smart Building AI
  • Infographics
Physical industries are converging around the smart building, as each domain moves from hardware, through connectivity, and towards software and analytics

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Google Brain unveils trillion-parameter AI language model, the largest yet


Currently more of a research project than a commercial product


Picture Pile gets EU funding to gamify image classification


Like Tinder, but for science

Practitioner Portal


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