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AI Research Reports

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Enterprise RPA & Intelligent Automation Study
  • AI Research Reports
Omdia surveyed enterprises regarding RPA and Intelligent Automation usage, preferences, challenges, and benefits. In this study, we dive into the findings and what they mean for the market now and looking ahead.
AI Business Performance Metrics Database – 2Q21 Analysis
  • AI Research Reports
Analysis of the database of AI case studies from AI vendors and end users documenting metrics and KPIs for measuring AI business impact. Provides a glimpse into which metrics are most important to AI customers and how metrics vary.
Enterprise AI Contracts Database – 1Q21
  • AI Research Reports
This tracker provides a list of AI vendor-client contracts, announcements, and pilots. It offers a snapshot of enterprise AI industry activity and charts contracts across technologies, applications, regions, and industry verticals.
AI for Healthcare Applications Report – 2021
  • AI Research Reports
This report looks at market drivers, barriers, outlook, key players, and use cases for AI in the healthcare industry. Omdia provides in-depth analysis of the horizontal enabling technologies that will power 28 identified use cases.
AI Readiness Tool
  • AI Research Reports
A tool for enterprises to measure and benchmark AI readiness with their peers across strategy, organization, technology-operations, and data. Includes a customized gap analysis report and a dashboard with drill-downs of the benchmark data
AI Chipsets for Edge Forecast Report – 2021 Analysis
  • AI Research Reports
Global market analysis and forecasts covering edge-based AI chipsets and accelerators for mobile phones, smart speakers, HMDs, automotive, PCs/tablets, drones, security cameras, robots, edge servers, and machine vision.
Quantum Computing State of Market Survey – 2021
  • AI Research Reports
This is a survey of end users that tracks their current level of familiarity with and current deployment of quantum computing (QC). The survey also captures spending levels, experience, industry connections, and future plans for QC.
Data Privacy Day 2021: Data privacy must be improved in a changed world
  • AI Research Reports
The 15th anniversary of Data Privacy Day fell on January 28, 2021 and aims to raise the profile of data privacy. Privacy and protection are interchangeably used terms, but both focus on ensuring that data is kept safe. Omdia wrote a report on the state of data privacy on this day in 2020, with nothing other than a glimpse on the horizon of the pandemic to come.
2021 Trends to Watch Analytics and Data Management
  • AI Research Reports
Omdia outlines and analyzes key trends expected in the analytics and data management space throughout 2021, including the application of AI within analytics, merging data architectures, the race to continuous business insights, and more.
2021 Trends to Watch: Advanced Computing for AI
  • AI Research Reports
Major trends for 2021 in semiconductors for AI, HPC, and quantum computing. Covers developments in x86, ARM, ASICs, and FPGAs. Analyzes the impact of new Apple and AMD launches, NVIDIA’s acquisition of ARM, and AMD’s bid for Xilinx.
2021 Trends to Watch: Operationalizing AI
  • AI Research Reports
Examines how enterprises are operationalizing AI. Key predictions for enterprises, AI vendors based on Omdia research: AI Market Maturity, AI Market Maturity Deep Dive Analysis, AI Contracts Tracker, AI Business Performance Metrics.


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