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AI Research Reports

Content posted in May 2020
Processors for Graphics & Artificial Intelligence Market Tracker
  • AI Research Reports

Almost all suppliers of processor core technology are expected to integrate AI enhancements into their products in the coming years. This will trigger a major increase in AI support in SOCs, potentially bringing capabilities like voice recognition, face recognition and object recognition to billions of devices. Less than 5 percent of SOC devices now include AI capabilities. However, with the increasing integration of AI into processor cores, almost half of SOCs will be AI-capable by 2023.

This tracker provides an examination of the markets for processors targeting graphics, vision and AI acceleration functions including: Microprocessors with graphics and/or AI, Microcontrollers with graphics and/or AI, Graphics processors with or without AI, System-on-Chip and the emergence of AI-specific processors – ASIC and ASSP. Along with a database that includes 4-years of annual history and 5 year forecast, this tracker includes supplier market shares and deep analyses of verticals across 70 total applications.

Artificial Intelligence Business Models
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The deployment of AI solutions is unlike traditional software, which is largely based around a volume-based sales model. In contrast, AI product capabilities may increase the output of employees, thus reducing the need for additional software license seats. Due to the collaborative and evolving nature of AI, several different business models have emerged. These range from a fully in-house, custom-built approach to a more modular approach using pre-built solutions and tools and a fully outsourced approach solely relying on third-party vendors. No single business model is going to be right for all enterprises looking to deploy AI. There will be room for many approaches and vendors—not only today, but for the foreseeable future. Omdia forecasts that annual AI software revenue will increase from $10.1bn worldwide in 2018 to $126.0bn in 2025.
Computer Vision Technologies and Markets
  • AI Research Reports
Computer vision (CV) has become commercialized in the past few years and is being deployed in a wide range of applications. The proofs-of-concepts that started a few years ago are now going into production. The rapid growth of technology, accurate results, falling price of hardware, and ease of connectivity are some of the factors enabling the rapid global adoption of CV. The global CV market has gained significant momentum in the past few years and does not show any sign of slowing down. Global CV market revenue is expected to grow across many use cases in different industries, increasing from $2.9bn in 2018 to $33.5bn by 2025. Omdia considers CV to be a horizontal market, as the applications are spread across many different use cases. This report focuses on 69 use cases in 25 industries that are tracked by Omdia.


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