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Blockchain and AI: A perfect match
  • Partner Perspectives
Haidrun CEO Jonas Lundqvist explores the potential of integrating blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies
The balancing act of AI in the enterprise
  • Partner Perspectives
We can’t treat AI as a standalone technology - instead, it’s an interdisciplinary domain that requires a diversity of viewpoints and objectives
The future of workplace wellbeing: Leveraging AI
  • Partner Perspectives
As we readjust to changing workflows and lifestyles, AI presents an unparalleled opportunity to revolutionize mental healthcare at a crucial moment in time. Koa Health's Oliver Harrison explains how
Does AI have a home in the lab?
  • Partner Perspectives
Gerald Law, chief executive at Innovation DB, explains why human intelligence can never be entirely replaced by AI in the laboratory environment
The next five years in AI adoption
  • Partner Perspectives
While the AI landscape for business might seem fraught with uncertainty, take a deep breath and know that you can be in control by considering these five principles
Netflix, retail, and data: What can we learn?
  • Partner Perspectives
Just as Netflix continues to power its entire business on the data it gathers from its enormous subscriber base, retailers should be looking to leverage the information readily available to them.
Championing innovation in artificial intelligence
  • Partner Perspectives
Continued innovation in AI is key in driving further economic growth and prosperity. And there is government funding baked into the Budget to support and encourage this, namely R&D tax credit schemes and the Patent Box scheme
Leveraging AI for marketing yields: big gains throughout the funnel
  • Partner Perspectives
To adapt to the volume of activity that is now online, companies’ marketing departments should look to leverage AI in order to optimize and improve the entire customer experience throughout the marketing funnel: from customer support, to advertisement and engagement
Leveraging AI to deliver a more human customer experience
  • Partner Perspectives
In this moment of accelerated digital evolution, business leaders are waking up to the imperative of deploying AI to speed up and fine-tune day to day operations if they are to outperform the competition
Working for a regulator like the ICO
  • Partner Perspectives
As the UK's ICO seeks to employ a Post Doctoral Research Fellow in AI, the former post holder, Professor Reuben Binns, reflects on his time in the role
Five valuable AI lessons learned during COVID-19
  • Partner Perspectives
In our ongoing work to leverage AI for navigating not just the pandemic but any complex business challenge, recent months have taught us these five valuable lessons about using data and AI models
The power of AI: Early breast cancer detection
  • Partner Perspectives
Because of the high complexity of cancer metabolism, computational frameworks need to be developed for analyzing such a complex system: this is where AI comes in as a crucial application
How a global pandemic is transforming data science
  • Partner Perspectives
The public has been regularly exposed to the world of data visualization (charts showing COVID-19 numbers), summary statistics (such as an R number), predictions (forward-looking projections) and simulations (understanding the projected impact of approaches to “flatten the curve”)
The key to trust is real AI governance
  • Partner Perspectives
If organizations are to scale AI to help make business-critical decisions, they need to understand exactly how and why those decisions are being made


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