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Why Your Chatbot Will Never Work - Part II
  • Partner Perspectives
What was the business problem you were trying to solve? What were you sold? What questions did you ask in the sales cycle, or perhaps what questions should you have asked?
Is AI in the disillusionment phase?
  • Partner Perspectives
We’re now in a period of more incremental breakthroughs and smaller discoveries in the research domain, where we’re continuing to see exciting updates to the existing technology
Gartner: How to prevent AI dangers with Ethical AI
  • Partner Perspectives
Any organization developing or using AI solutions needs to make sure that the potential dangers of AI don’t tarnish their brand, draw regulatory attention, lead to boycotts or destroy business value
IP and its role in AI innovation
  • Partner Perspectives
Much has been published about the role of AI in innovation, but relatively little about the role of intellectual property in protecting AI-based systems and algorithms. Without some knowledge of how to construct an IP portfolio, innovators could be limiting their appeal for potential investors, whilst also leaving the way open for competitors
How AI is revolutionizing compliance and reporting in business
  • Partner Perspectives
This fundamental shift in the way businesses are operating demands a tech-led, data-driven approach for monitoring activities, with machine-readable data and the power of computer algorithms to run checks, keep records, and systemize processes
Bi-directional learning: The future of robotics
  • Partner Perspectives
Machines are now being designed to incorporate bi-directional learning: the data sensed by an individual robot is sent for processing to determine an appropriate action. The revised instruction is then disseminated back to the machine.
AI can turbo-charge business, little or large
  • Partner Perspectives
Medium businesses are more likely to reap the benefits of the early stage disrupters – usually AI-led software companies tackling business problems – with more agility than their larger counterparts and more capital than smaller businesses
The important role AI will play in curbing COVID-19
  • Partner Perspectives
While machine learning and AI are being used to identify patterns in the spread and treatment of COVID-19, emotion AI is being used to measure the emotional and social response to the pandemic
Advantages of HBM2E and GDDR6 memories for AI
  • Partner Perspectives
As AI/ML applications continue to evolve, system designers are increasingly turning to the highest-performance memory solutions such as HBM and GDDR6 to enable the next phase of AI advancement


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