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Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Medical Diagnostics
  • AI Exchange
Omdia researched more than 288 vendors and 363 machines to provide a taxonomy of the ecosystem supporting machine learning with diagnostic applications. Of the 363 machines researched, 28% have regulatory approval (FDA, CE, MFDS, CFDA).
Levelling the AI playing field through low-code applications
  • AI Exchange
As millions of individuals are left isolated amid the current COVID-19 outbreak, never has there been a greater pressure on customer service teams to respond quickly and seamlessly to enquiries on a broad range of issues. AI-enabled systems are increasingly seen as the knight in shining armor when it comes to optimising customer service in these situations, as well as in day-to-day interactions in normal conditions.
ReImagining Retail: Digital Commerce with Conversational AI
  • AI Exchange

The evolution of digital commerce puts increasing pressure on application leaders to keep pace. Not only does digital commerce represent the customer-facing part of many businesses, but it is a key driver of revenue. The range of vendors offering digital commerce platforms and ecosystem capabilities overwhelms many retail and commerce leaders.

Data Science and Machine Learning. With Java?
  • AI Exchange
In this white paper we outline:
  • Common Applications of Data Science
  • Definitions: Machine learning, deep learning, data engineering and data science
  • Why Java for data science workflows, for both production and research.
Smart Grid vs. Squirrel: The AI Challenge for Utilities
  • AI Exchange
How does nematode-level logic help utilities solve a squirrel-level problem? The C.Elegans worm is the first (and only) animal to have its intelligence replicated (by the OpenWorm project) and represents the pioneering level of AI today.
Implications for investing in a new microprocessor: essential checklist - The total cost of ownership for AI workloads
  • AI Exchange
As new innovative microprocessors are being brought into the market, one of the biggest drivers is artificial intelligence (AI), especially machine learning (ML) workloads, but other use cases exist as well, from processing traditional analytics applications on big data to high performance computing (HPC). When enterprises are evaluating whether to make use of a new chip, they are often making considerable investment decisions.
The AI Opportunity for Communications Service Providers
  • AI Exchange
Artificial intelligence (AI) is playing a central role in driving digital transformation and has the potential to enhance value across every aspect of a communications service provider (CSP)'s business. AI can take network optimization to new levels and make customer care more efficient and effective.
Key Transformative Technologies
  • AI Exchange
What do artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things and autonomous vehicles all have in common? Besides all being transformative technologies that are reshaping the world, these innovations also share another trait: They are all enabled by processors— the necessary devices that serve as the semiconductor brains for billions of electronic systems around the world.
Why AI? How Language & AI Services Go Hand-In-Hand
  • Information Resources
For more than 20 years, Lionbridge has been growing a community of passionate experts around the world. Whatever the need—a lightning-speed translation, a QA check for a video game, a high-quality dataset labeled to train a chatbot—their tech-enabled community gets it done.
Insurers embrace digital transformation through automation
  • Information Resources
Low premium growth, evolving regulations, and increased competition from new Insurtech startups are just some of the insurance industry’s major challenges. To overcome them, insurers must achieve operational excellence by streamlining their processes.
Intelligent Automation in Life Sciences
  • Information Resources
An industry traditionally slow to adopt technology is now clamoring to become a digital frontrunner. Stakeholders in the life sciences industry are now asking what technology can do for their organizations and how they can automate processes to enable their staff to focus on strategic activities to improve business outcomes.
Pharma's Transformation through Automation
  • Information Resources
How your staff can be relieved from drudgery, augment their capacity, and unleash creativity with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in life sciences
RPA - From Order to Cash
  • Information Resources
Intelligent bots improve cash flow, increase working capital and customer satisfaction
RPA - From Procure to Pay
  • Information Resources
Businesses leverage automation for back-office processes that have traditionally been manually performed. The spotlight has settled specifically on accounts payable and procure-to-pay. Inefficiencies and errors in accounts payable are responsible for some of the most formidable challenges your business faces today.
The Intelligent Digital Workplace
  • Information Resources
Today, employees spend around 10–20% of their time on mundane, repetitive tasks that can be easily automated. With Robotic Process Automation (RPA), businesses can offload these cumbersome tasks to their Digital Workforce, giving human workers more time for productivity and innovation.
DRYiCE iControl: Next Generation Business Flow Intelligence
  • Information Resources
Siloed business units and a myriad of compliance issues are inherent to the financial services industry. Adopting a comprehensive approach to monitoring business flow is the first step toward better business outcomes


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