American manufacturing has come a long way in automating factories with robots and Computers. Over the last 40 years palletizer systems and industrial robots have replaced humans in lots of back breaking and repetitive jobs.

Artificial Intelligence and Manufacturing


Millions of clerical jobs have also been replaced by computers and software. These advances in technology along with movies like the Terminator and Star Wars has led to a lot of speculation about how far artificial intelligence can be developed. In the Terminator film, someone makes a microprocessor so advanced that it makes machines self aware and then they connect all computers on the internet to cause an atomic war. The suggestion is that microprocessors can become so sophisticated that they can think like humans.

In 1965, DR. Herbert Simon, one of the founders of artificial intelligence (AI) said,” Machines will be capable in 20 years of doing any work a man can do. ”Marvin Minsky, another AI guru from MIT said, “within a generation …the problem of creating artificial intelligence will be substantially solved.” Moshe Vardi, a computer scientist at Rice University in Houston said, “Everything that humans can do machines can do” Professors at Universities and computer scientists also add to the excitement by promoting artificial intelligence with futuristic potential as they try to get their share of federal grant money.

The big question that comes up is, when will computers be able to emulate humans and become self aware and intelligent? If you evaluate all of the speculative articles on artificial intelligence in the last decade you could conclude that that we are on the verge of building a C3PO robot that is self aware and can think as well as a human. But, contrary to popular belief, very little progress has been made in developing a robot brain that would approximate human intelligence and the capabilities of the brain, and it looks like we are a long way from doing it.

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