Beijing start-up SenseTime Group Ltd are developing deep learning technologies for some of the country’s fastest-growing firms, in sectors including security and surveillance, finance, education and robotics.


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Yang Fan, managing director of SenseTime said the company is dedicated to spearheading research and development in deep learning in face recognition systems. As well as human face recognition, SenseTime is developing security technology focused on text and characters, body shapes and vehicles.

“Human face recognition is the most mature part of this type of technology,” said Yang. “We can provide complete image and video analysis, too, and content extraction technology. Using those, we are heavily involved in working with the security and surveillance, finance, education and robotics industries”.

The two-year-old Beijing startup already has a numerous highly trained scientists onboard, including graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University in the United States, the University of Hong Kong and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as well those who have worked for international technology leaders such as Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Lenovo.

That strong blend of skills has allowed it to establish effective working collaborations with other domestic heavyweights including China Mobile Communications Corp, China UnionPay, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Xiaomi Corp, Sina Weibo Corp and Inc.

SenseTime’s CEO Xu Li has spent more than a decade working on computer vision and pattern recognition. He said the specialist area has never grown faster, nor offered more opportunities, to so many industries. “Our deep learning is now very strong, and can be applied to many areas,” he said, with the ambition to make sure SenseTime competes directly with leading global IT names and AI pioneers such as Google and Facebook in deep learning research.


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