AI Transforming Business : Corporate CxO Perspectives

AI Transforming Business: Corporate CxO Perspectives is the world’s first book dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in Business and contains chapters written by business executives from world-leading organisations. On the solution provider side this includes giants of the space such as SapientRazorfish, NVIDIA, HCL Technologies and Samsung, while on the enterprise end of the spectrum there were chapters from global corporations such as General Electric and AIA, as well as FTSE 100 organisations such as Barclays and Lloyds.

The authors in the book not only hold senior, decision-making positions in their respective organisations, they also share a passion for the opportunity presented by AI, experience in implementing the still-nascent technology and a strong vision on how AI will shape the future of work.

As a result, what AI Transforming Business uniquely achieves is an extended insight into the attitude and strategic approaches towards AI within large organisations, told from the perspectives of those at the very top.

Daniel Pitchford, Commercial Director, AI Business

Implementing AI, Beyond the Hype
Georgios Kipouros, Research & Content Director, AI Business

The Three ‘A’s of Artificial Intelligence
Josh Sutton, Global Head, Data and Artificial Intelligence, Publicis.Sapient

Leading the Industrial Revolution with AI
Beena Ammanath, VP, Innovation, General Electric

Is this the End of Work? How Machine Intelligence Will Disrupt Jobs, Talent and Business Organization
George Zarkadakis, Digital Lead, Willis Towers Watson

The Enterprise Path to AI
Kimberly Powell, Senior Director of AI and Deep Learning, NVIDIA

When Artificial Intelligence is the Fastest Game in Town, Are You In or Out?
Jon Catling, Former Director, Global Data Architecture, Las Vegas Sands Corporation

The Rebirth of the Financial Industry
Kumar Srivastava, VP, Products & Strategy, BNY Mellon

Creating Digital Assistants
Noel Lyons, Director of Digital Design, Barclays

Take Cover! How AI Will Upend Insurance, and Why that Matters for Us All
Simeon Preston, Group COO, AIA Group

Red Pill – Blue Pill
Marc Lien, Director of Innovation & Digital Development, Lloyds Banking Group

How Could Natural Language Dialogue Change the Future of Life and Business?
Michael Wei, Director of AI Research Center, Samsung

Cyber Security in the Age of Automation
Nicole Eagan, CEO, Darktrace

Autonomics and a Pro-Human Way
Kalyan Kumar, CTO, HCL Technologies

The Beginning of a New Era
Robert Woolliams, Head of Research, AI Business