3M, AWS Strike Generative AI Alliance in Health Care

Amazon Bedrock to improve 3M’s cloud-based health care solutions

Helen Hwang, Contributor

May 5, 2023

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3M is collaborating with Amazon Web Services to speed up the development of AI tools for improving documentation efficiency in health care settings.

3M Health Information Systems (HIS) will leverage AWS’ ML and generative AI services, including the newly announced Bedrock, to enhance the patient-physician experience.

3M’s cloud-based solutions, like 3M’s M*Modal Fluency Direct use real-time speech recognition to automate note-taking for more than 250 electronic health record systems.

The company will combine the tool with Amazon’s tech, including Amazon Comprehend Medical and Amazon Transcribe Medical to enhance and scale up 3M’s virtual assistant program and ambient clinical documentation.

The pair view the collaboration as alleviating the administrative burden for clinicians, by automating the generation and structuring of notes in the electronic health record systems that also comply with relevant health care guidelines and laws. Currently, more than 300,000 physicians already use 3M’s HIS system.

" Our overarching goal is to create a better, more sustainable solution and to continue to be a trusted partner that our clients can rely on to reduce administrative tasks and prioritize patient engagement,” said 3M HIS president Garri Garrison.

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