Google Cloud Unveils Industry-Specific AI Bundle For Enterprises

Google Cloud Unveils Industry-Specific AI Bundle For Enterprises

Ciarán Daly

August 20, 2018

2 Min Read

SAN FRANCISCO - In a bid to boost industry-specific AI use cases, Google will offer enterprises artificial intelligence service bundles via their cloud platform.

The bundles, which will draw together a number of Google Cloud's AI services, offer bespoke AI-powered functions for industry-specific use cases and specific business needs. These pre-packaged solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing enterprise workflows, and the majority will be delivered primarily through Google's enterprise partners.

"AI is no longer a niche in the tech world - it's the differentiator for businesses in every industry. And we're committed to delivering the tools that will revolutionize them," Google Chief Scientist Fei-Fei Li said when she announced the services at her Next '18 keynote. Now, Apoorv Saxena, Product Manager for Google Cloud AI, has expanded upon Li's announcement with further details about how enterprises can expect to benefit.

Contact Center AI, for example, provides enterprises with off-the-shelf AI-powered customer service capabilities to better route customers through to contact center agents. It enables enterprises to replace phone trees with an automated conversation using Google's Dialogflow to optimise customer wait times, and then provides machine learning-powered insights to customer agents via a dashboard.

Google's Cloud Talent Solution, meanwhile, uses machine learning to improve enterprise talent acquisition. Instead of using keywords, it uses AI to interpret job content and applications in order to cut down hire times.  Google argue this will enable enterprises to use job search as a service and to produce higher quality searches across 100 languages.

Chief Product Officer of CareerBuilder, Humair Ghauri, claims that the Cloud Talent Solution has generated a 15% lift in users who clickthrough automated job alerts. "From users who clicked through, we've seen a 41% increase in expression of interest actions generated from saved search alerts. With Cloud Talent Solution, we've improved job matching for millions of users."

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