Google's AutoDraw AI Can Turn Your Bad Sketches Into Works of Art

Google's AutoDraw AI Can Turn Your Bad Sketches Into Works of Art

Ed Lauder

April 12, 2017

2 Min Read

Google has developed a new AI called AutoDraw which can turn your awful sketches into veritable works of art of your phone, tablet, PC and laptop.

Google is doing a lot in the AI-space. The Silicon Valley tech giants have been demonstrating what they are doing with machine learning as part of their AI Experiments series. They've now shown us arguably their most clever piece of AI software yet. AutoDraw is an automated drawing bot capable of turning your dreadful sketches (have you ever tried doing a decent sketch on your phone by using just your finger? It's impossible!), into actual discernible drawings.

It uses Google's experimental image recognition AI to figure out what you are trying to draw and can then offer you suggestions. These images have been drawn by actual artists and AutoDraw's AI is able to match your sketches to the images it has in its database. Now this might mean that your taco will turn into a boomerang, but it's quite useful for sending people sketches of birthday cakes, fish and sofas.

It's a fun little experiment that can work on virtually all your devices that are connected to the Internet. You simply have to type in the AutoDraw website into your computer, phone or tablet's web browser, and then you can get doodling.

Google has marketed AutoDraw as the “drawing tool for the rest of us,” which is in reference to the fact that we can't all be incredibly talented artists. For instance, if you want a personalised flyer or birthday card, you no longer need to use some fancy designer's software or go to a shop. You can now just use AutoDraw, and you'll end up with a decent-looking card or flyer.

“AutoDraw pairs the magic of machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw stuff fast,” informs the narrator in Google’s AutoDraw trailer.

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