The Future Of AI: A Google PerspectiveThe Future Of AI: A Google Perspective

The Future Of AI: A Google Perspective

Ciarán Daly

March 14, 2019

1 Min Read

AI is real, and it's delivering results for businesses today. But all too often, the conversation around AI relies on sci-fi tropes, from the Terminator to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Cassie Kozyrkov is Chief Decision Scientist for Google Cloud. As a data scientist and executive at Google, her mission is to democratize Decision Intelligence and safe, reliable AI. In this AI Summit keynote, Cassie explores the present state of AI, what the future promises, and why we should stop treating AI like science fiction. She delves deep into why present-day AI is more like 'thing-labelling' than a robot, and why decision science is crucial to enterprise-grade AI.

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