Nokia deploys computer vision system to improve Swiss railroad crossing safety

The system can be integrated with standard industry cameras

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

January 14, 2022

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The system can be integrated with standard industry cameras

Nokia has deployed its AI-based scene analytics tool to improve safety at railroad crossings in Switzerland.

The tech giant is working with Swiss public transport operators Baselland Transport AG (BLT) and Schweizer Electronics. As part of the project, Nokia's system applies computer vision and machine learning tech to monitor and analyze railroad crossings.

The deployment was the first of its kind in Europe, according to the companies, with the project “demonstrating the reliability of AI-based railroad safety solutions for daily use.”

“This project enabled us to address many of the level crossing safety issues which are at the top of priority lists for rail operators,” said Karsten Oberle, head of rail at Nokia.

“By integrating machine learning into level crossing systems, we will be able to continuously improve and refine safety processes in real time.”

Scene Analytics for safety

The system was deployed in Münchenstein, a municipality located in the Arlesheim district of Switzerland. Münchenstein’s northern boundary borders the northern boundary of the Municipality borders on the canton Basel-City, the country’s seventh-largest economic center.

Upon its announcement, Nokia cited EU statistics that identified 250 fatalities and 300 serious injuries related to level crossings in the EU-28 countries in 2018.

The Finnish firm’s system will allow BLT to use machine learning algorithms based on CCTV data to continually learn what is normal or anomalous.

The platform can also detect object types, which Nokia says can “provide a more complete picture of the situation at hand”

Video clips, images and associated data can also be stored, enabling post-incident forensic analysis.

The Scene Analytics system can also increase operational efficiencies by minimizing downtime and delays, the trio suggested.

It can also be integrated with standard industry cameras, reducing the total cost of ownership, and increasing the return on investment.

“Level crossings are notoriously difficult areas to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, train operators and motorists,” said Michael Theiler, head of maintenance electrical systems at BLT.

“Nokia Scene Analytics acts as an intelligent set of ‘eyes’ and, by providing critical information in real-time, to prevent or mitigate the impact of an incident.”

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