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Intel Responds To US National AI Strategy With Whitepaper

by Ciarán Daly
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SANTA CLARA - The U.S. should expand its national AI strategy to include funding and resources, accountability mechanisms, and a public-private development and adoption program, Intel have argued in response to the 'American AI initiative' launched by President Trump last month.

Following the announcement that the White House will push a number of federal agencies to dedicate more resources and investment to artificial intelligence research, promotion, and training, chipset maker Intel has produced its own range of recommendations to buttress an initiative some claim lacks substance.

Whereas the White House AI initiative will see no additional federal funding for AI, Intel has produced a range of initiatives premised on a greater role for government in fostering US AI innovation.

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This is spread across four key pillars, which Intel argues "will allow the US to reap the benefits of advancing its industrial competitiveness, and promoting the US's AI leadership across all relevant areas (e.g. academia, industry, healthcare, government operations, cyber-defense, etc.)" These four pillars are:

  1. Fostering innovation through investment in research and development
  2. Creating new employment opportunities and protecting people's welfare
  3. Responsibly liberating data to accelerate the development of AI systems
  4. Removing legal and policy barriers to enable development and implementation of AI

"Through the recently released Executive Order the Administration has signaled its willingness to act to maintain U.S. leadership on AI. Now it's time to move forward or risk falling behind other nations who have already developed AI strategies and are investing heavily to capture AI's enormous potential," a spokesperson for Intel said.

"Intel would welcome the opportunity to discuss our recommendations. We stand ready to work closely will all interested stakeholders to develop viable pathways to pursue the responsible development and adoption of AI to ensure U.S. leadership in this emerging technology."

View the full whitepaper here

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