[eBook] Driving value with Big Data and Machine Learning

According to research by Tractica, machine learning applications are expected to bring more than $107 billion in annual enterprise revenue by 2025, up from just $7.6 billion in 2018. There are no fewer than 167 existing enterprise AI use cases for technologies like speech recognition, natural language processing and generation, computer vision and sentiment analysis.

In this eBook, sponsored by Dow Jones, we look at real-life examples of ML and AI working in concert with the latest data analytics technologies to change the way people do business. We talk to experts in the field who share their insights into the current and upcoming developments in this space. This eBook is essential reading for any decision-maker looking for ways to transform their organization and prepare it for a digital future.

In this eBook, you will find out:

  • Which AI technologies are set to impact the business landscape;
  • The value hiding in unstructured data, and the challenges in harnessing its power;
  • How machine learning and new data sources can be used to prevent reputational damage, secure financial transactions and improve customer service.

The eBook features interviews with executives from Swiss Re, Deloitte and Dow Jones, and a research perspective from analysts at Tractica.

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