AI in Pharma: Improving Outcomes, Driving Profit

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to radically transform the pharmaceutical industry. The revolution is still in its early stages, but already we are seeing the widespread use of automated algorithms to carry out tasks which traditionally have relied on human intelligence alone. In this eBook, sponsored by Yseop, we examine several aspects of the use of AI in pharma.

We consider the importance of natural language generation in speeding up the process of clinical report creation, and in augmenting the efforts of scientists in the discovery of new drugs. We highlight the role that AI will play in streamlining regulatory challenges and look at how to develop an effective strategy to integrate AI into an organization that may have little experience of automation.

In this eBook, you will learn about:

  • The benefits of automation in document-based processes;
  • Using AI-based tools to alleviate the skills shortage in the medical sector;
  • The challenges of adopting voice recognition for the needs of healthcare professionals;
  • The size of the AI software market, and its growth potential;
  • Key IT infrastructure considerations when running AI-based workloads.

The eBook features case studies, interviews with executives from Gens & Associates, Healx, Kadmon, Kao Data, TIBCO Software and Yseop, and a research perspective from analysts at Omdia (formerly Tractica).