[eBook] AIOps: Enterprise Opportunities in Intelligent IT Operation

One of the biggest challenges facing the people who look after IT today is not the lack of information – it’s information overload. IT operations teams receive thousands of alerts and notifications daily; they have to sift through hundreds of pages of logs, metrics and reports, keep an eye on multiple dashboards, always running the risk of missing that one thing that could lead to a service outage.

A few years ago, the IT industry realized that the task of looking after the hardware could be outsourced to artificial intelligence models. And just like that, AIOps was born.

This emerging approach to infrastructure management uses machine learning to analyze the data produced by IT equipment in order to optimize performance, determine the root causes of incidents and help take preventive action to avoid disruption.

In this eBook, sponsored by EdgeVerve, we outline the basic principles of AIOps and look at several real-world examples of this technology in action.

You will learn about:

  • The business advantages delivered by AIOps;
  • The differences between AIOps and traditional ITOps and RPA tools;
  • The seven steps on your AIOps journey;
  • The potential of AIOps for the self-driving data center;
  • The key considerations when using AIOps in the cloud.

The eBook features interviews with executives from Viewpost, Moogsoft, EdgeVerve and Ridley Industries, a conversation with an infrastructure management expert from Uptime Institute, and research perspectives from analysts at Tractica and Ovum.