“I believe AI is going to be the next big thing when it comes to tech developments for business purposes”. That’s the standout message from Aida Rodriguez, Lead Data Scientist at the Financial Times.

Speaking exclusively to AI Business, Aida describes how she sees a significant shift and the creation of new possibilities in the enterprise: “AI will certainly help us to make a more effective use of our current resources. But it has not arrived just to fill a gap or to improve what we are already doing – the use of AI will generate new areas of opportunity. It will allow the creation of products and services that were not possible before”.


aida rodriguez financial times

Aida Rodriguez of the Financial Times


Aida was at The AI Summit in London on 5 May, and shared her thoughts on the event with us: “My main takeaway from The AI Summit is a deeper understanding of the implementation of AI technologies across different sectors. I certainly heard new ideas about the use we can give to AI at the Financial Times, but I believe the major impact comes in terms of motivation. It is inspiring to see what other companies are building with the help of AI-based technology”.

Indeed, while some companies are already making great strides with their applications of AI technology, there are some that are still in the nascent “motivation” stage. Discussing the main challenges businesses face in adopting AI technologies, Aida has a positive outlook, though acknowledges the obstacles in the way: “We are on the right track but there is still a lot of work to be done on both the cultural and the technical side. Educating and evangelizing the staff and developing a technical environment that allows the adoption and boosts the performance of AI technologies to the highest possible level are the main challenges. This is a process we need to go through every time a disruptive technology arrives to transcend current business practices”.

The strategy for AI at the Financial Times is very clear and focused one: “It’s all about increasing readers’ satisfaction and engagement”, Aida explains. “We want to go further in terms of personalisation and we want to boost the quality of our communications with our customers”. Speaking in terms of the news and media industry as a whole, Aida holds a similar customer-centric view: “We will optimize the content we serve to our customers even more, based on very specific needs, and we will improve our interaction with them”.


We spoke to Aida following the inaugural AI Summit in London on 5 May. The second, larger AI Summit takes place in San Francisco on 28-29 September. To find out more, and to join us at the Fort Mason Center in September, visit: theaisummit.com


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