Experts in AI: Harnessing the power of data at Deloitte

Nitin Mittal talks about helping customers, and winning awards

7 February 2020

Being one of the world’s largest professional services firms, Deloitte is familiar with many ways to apply artificial intelligence in business.

To find out more about how the company approaches AI, we talked to Nitin Mittal, principal for Analytics and Cognitive at Deloitte, who won the AI Innovator of the Year award at the AI Summit New York in December.

In this interview, Mittal explains what got him into tech, talks about the transformative potential of artificial intelligence, and describes some of the work being done in this space by his organization.

“We help our clients put a program in place, comprehend their data, manage and govern their data, and apply machine learning algorithms to derive those meaningful insights that can be woven into what I call the business decision-making fabric of that particular organization,” he told AI Business.

“The other aspect to [our work] is investments that we are making in AI-specific platforms and solutions that we are actually building, so that we essentially codify the intellectual capital that we as consultants have always been known for.”