Experts in AI: Using machine learning to speed up mortgage deals

Dominic Fahey from States Title explains the benefits of automation in the real estate market

21 January 2020

Artificial intelligence models are making their way into all sorts of products and services, including some very niche applications.

An example of a solution for a very specific problem is being developed by States Title, a startup headquartered in San Francisco. The company has employed machine intelligence to make residential real estate deals faster and more efficient – presenting its work at the recent AI Summit in New York.

According to Dominic Fahey, VP of Business Development at States Title, the predictive platform developed by the company can reduce the human labor involved in the title and escrow process by as much as 80 percent.

“It reduces human error, improves the efficiency, and provides a transformative experience for the homebuyer, in addition to providing a better experience for our associates, because they’re able to focus on the things that really require strategic human decisions,” Fahey told AI Business.