Experts in AI: What is a cognitive enterprise and how do you build it?

“When we see a lot of data, our ears perk up,” says EdgeVerve’s Praveen Kombial

6 March 2020

In this interview, we chat to Praveen Kombial, global product head for business applications at EdgeVerve Systems, a subsidiary of Indian IT giant Infosys.

EdgeVerve is a relatively new venture for Infosys, established in 2014 to focus on enterprise software; it has embraced artificial intelligence and released several AI-based products, targeting areas like banking, customer service and IT infrastructure management.

Kombial gave a keynote at the recent AI Summit New York, in which he outlined how to build a “cognitive, connected financial services enterprise.”

“If you pivot to start looking for insights across the customer journey, then you make it a cognitive enterprise, a learning enterprise,” he told AI Business. “Then, when you start learning from those insights, and triggering actions, that makes it a connected enterprise.”

To find out how to apply artificial intelligence to IT infrastructure management, download this free eBook created in partnership between AI Business and EdgeVerve.

You will learn about:

  • The business advantages delivered by AIOps;
  • The differences between AIOps and traditional ITOps and RPA tools;
  • The seven steps on your AIOps journey;
  • The potential of AIOps for the self-driving data center;
  • The key considerations when using AIOps in the cloud.