BuddyGuard, a Berlin-based Smart Home start-up company, has started selling its Flare home security system that uses face and voice recognition to authenticate visitors.

Flare uses artificial intelligence in order to bring an additional layer of home security and will send police to a residence on its own without a user’s approval. The Smart Home security system uses a software called AudioIntel that distinguishes normal noise from suspicious sounds, allowing the system to take action on its own. However homeowners will still be informed through notifications, BuddyGuard says.

BuddyGuard is the latest company to enter into the Smart Home security market that is currently dominated by U.S. companies such as Canary and Google’s Nest. But according to Wouter Verhoog, CMO of BuddyGuard, its Flare system offers something these other companies do not in real home security.

“Besides its AI and sensors, Flare comes with LTE backup for when your WiFi is down,” Verhoog says. “The battery keeps Flare running for three days in case of a power outage.”

BuddyGuard says Flare was built with privacy in mind so that when the consumer gets home, the camera gets mechanically covered.

The company is also offering add-ons to the security system, including a call service that will phone homeowners when there is an alarm and a live-feed-monitoring option where a third party can decide to send emergency services if needed. This might come in handy when homeowners go on vacation, BuddyGuard says.

The company is offering its Flare security system on IndieGoGo for $349 per device and will begin shipment of the devices in November.


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Source: http://electronics360.globalspec.com/article/7016/german-start-up-company-brings-artificial-intelligence-to-the-smart-home