Google will open-source artificial intelligence, making TensorFlow internal AI software available free

Google it is making TensorFlow, its internal AI development software, available for free.

“It’s a highly scalable machine learning system — it can run on a single smartphone or across thousands of computers in data centers,” the Mountain View company said in a blog post. “We use TensorFlow for everything from speech recognition in theGoogle app, to Smart Reply in Inbox, to search in Google Photos. It allows us to build and train neural nets up to five times faster than our first-generation system, so we can use it to improve our products much more quickly.”

New products

By open-sourcing TensorFlow, Google could accelerate all kinds of new advancements that require machine learning. Google announced last week that it will release Smart Reply, a machine learning program built into the Gmail Inbox that will write mobile email responses for users. Smart Reply is built on a system of neural networks inspired by the human brain.

Google’s personal assistant Google Now is already powered by AI. Machine learning is also behind Google’s ability to tag images and build self-driving cars.

Virtual reality is a product category that is moving quickly with AI. By opening up TensorFlow, Google could speed up the rise of VR and entertainment and gaming options.

Better research

Google hopes that by open sourcing TensorFlow that the software will become the standard for researchers. Anyone will be able to download and modify the development software, which supports RankBrain, the AI behind part of Google’s search engine.