Deloitte Taps Google Generative AI Tech for Enterprise Clients

Consulting giant now has access to PaLM

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

May 9, 2023

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  • Deloitte is set to market tools for enterprise customers build atop large language models from Google Cloud.

Deloitte is tapping generative AI tech from Google Cloud to empower enterprise customers.

The team-up will see Deloitte gain access to Google’s PaLM model, which now powers its ChatGPT rival, Bard. The consulting firm will also be able to bring Vertex, Google Cloud’s machine learning virtual testbed, to market.

Deloitte launched a generative AI practice in April and has previously used large language models from Google to develop its solutions. This deal will see Deloitte use Google's tech to build new business applications with generative AI.

Other Google tools Deloitte will gain access to include Generative AI Studio and the open-source and third-party models accessible through Google Cloud's Model Garden.

The consulting firm said the partnership will benefit clients, including analysts who work in financial services and marketers building campaigns for consumer businesses.

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said the tools Deloitte now has access to could help businesses “become more productive … enabling companies to connect with their customers in new ways.”

"We are seeing increasing demand from clients to help them advance their businesses through new and innovative AI capabilities," said Jason Girzadas, managing principal, businesses, global and strategic services and CEO-elect of Deloitte U.S.

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Following the launch of its Gen AI practice, Deloitte launched AI solutions aimed at logistics and customer service built atop technology from Nvidia.

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