AI Business recently caught up with Humley’s Senior Vice President of Client Development, Angela Meadows to get details about how their company views the impact of artificial intelligence. Humley believes the real power of AI is its ability to improve everybody’s daily life. Whether that is helping workplaces be smarter, engagements with brands easier and quicker or an experience more individually tailored.

Our lives are enriched and challenged by the digital revolution but the AI revolution holds the power to smooth the edges of digital engagements and deliver a more enriched, engaging, simpler and smarter world. Humley are focused on removing the challenges of deploying and training AI systems. We focus on automated training, industry agnostic technology, tools which help a business understand, manage and Humley is driven by getting AI into the hands of real users and using the best AI technology to solve problems.

Angela Meadows
Angela Meadows

Angela Meadows has worked in the technology-industry for 12+ years which has provided her with a solid knowledge about various topics within the industry. At Humley Angela is responsible for delivering AI projects for Humley’s customers. Angela has a background of delivering market leading consumer facing products, services and propositions, for a major UK operator and has a keen focus on end user experience and how to get the best out of digital experiences for end users. Angela has seen a huge amount of change over the years and AI is the next big revolution she is proud to be working on.

As there are various industries implementing artificial intelligence these days, AI Business was curious  to know where Humley’s approach to AI potentially differs from others?

“Our approach tries to focus on speed to market, accuracy of results and the automation and simplification of processes”, Meadows explains. “Anyone who has worked with AI will understand all too well the limitations of the technology and the costs involved in implementing AI. These costs are not just around the access of the correct API but also in understanding how you craft the correct solution for your business”, she says.

Meadows touches on the topic of how it is often the largest companies that are doing best in the artificial intelligence race, where Humley’s vision is to help the smaller companies raise to the challenge.

“We believe the manpower and effort required is hindering many companies’ ability to deploy the technology and get real people using it within an Enterprise environment, hence why all too often the larger scale organisations are winning the AI race”

“At Humley we believe in helping companies realise their AI ambitions and believe that not having AI within your business in the next 4 to 5 years will be like saying you don’t have a website or you don’t use email”.

Humley applies artificial intelligence that enables end-users to ask questions in natural language and receive relevant answers based on individual context. AI Business wanted to know how if and how this has changed Humley?

“AI technology has fundamentally changed us”- Angela Meadows.

“As a business we have always specialised in contextual engagement and understanding the end user by deploying services which solved significant user engagement problems for Microsoft, T-Mobile, EE and many more. Understanding the user’s context and giving them the appropriate action to resolve their issue is something you don’t need AI for. AI gave us the power to scale our existing technology so we no longer had to decide what a user needed to know based on their context alone”.

Meadows explains how context actually becomes the secondary overlay as the key is to understand what the end user wants in their own words before interpreting and delivering the appropriate response and action.

“Through a process of implementing AI within our own business we quickly understood the challenges which any business would face, which gave us a focus on ‘making AI work’, and Humley has several ways of doing this. We have created our own API which enables us to boost training as to understand industry specific terminology as this is important as it reduces the manpower required and makes our technology industry agnostic”.

“We have a solution to train in languages, meaning we don’t need the AI to know the language, we have tools focused on giving any human operative the ability to see the AIs performance and more importantly provide the tasks to perform to improve the performance”.

“We are not reliant on one AI API, we believe that the real power of AI is the speed of the advancements being made and being able to keep up with the changes while testing the API’s to ensure that the best in the market place are being used and crafted together”.

“This will be key to the longevity of success as what is available today might not be the best tomorrow and certainly not next year. The key is AI has revolutionised everything we do and how we approach problems and we are very excited about all the opportunities AI presents. I’m sure we will face challenges along the way but the potential of AI is very exciting”.

So in what areas will your customers experience the impact of AI the most? 

“The simple answer is all areas as our customers are usually large and medium sized organisations, and these businesses will be transformed”, Meadows explains. “There is a big education piece happening now, not only relating to how you implement AI, but also what the long-term impacts are, the ability to deliver against the digital promise, or as one customer described it to us ‘the digital disappointment’, the promise was that Digital would make our lives easier and if you visit the majority of digital interfaces this is mostly untrue”.

Meadows believes that artificial intelligence has the ability to revolutionise not only these digital interfaces, but also the experiences you give people.

“Whether this is through smarter working, simplified processes enabling staff to be more effective, engaged and efficient, or maybe it is cutting the repetitive calls from a call centre, or being able to solve people’s issues without the need to redirect them away from where they are asking”.

Maybe it is replacing websites with engaging 121 conversations, or driving revenue through cross selling services and products you know will enrich the users experience because you are not “guessing if they might want it, you know it will help them. It also enables you to predict behaviour and creating experiences which are so engaging they become white noise”.

Meadows explains how changing user expectation might sound scary at first, but that it is the only way to change user behaviour which only can be done with experiences that simply works, and Humley believes that only AI can deliver this.

How will the implementing of AI affect your staff’s work?

“AI is everything we do and we do this for ourselves and our customers. We believe in using our own services and we are always looking at ways to implement AI into our own business. Making processes more efficient and removing the more repetitive boring tasks must be a good thing for any organisation”, Meadows replies.

Beyond machine learning, what other applications are you looking to implement in the future?

“We are an AI powered business but more importantly we deliver AI for our customers, we are always looking at new technologies and new AI APIs, testing them, crafting them into a solution and identifying the gaps and limitations to be able to provide the solutions to make AI work in a deployable, scalable way”.

AI Business is very excited to follow the development of Humley in the future!

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