IBM Think: 7 Key Business Bets Recommended

Seven key bets worth making for businesses to create opportunities over the next three years

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director AI & IoT

May 10, 2023

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Based on certain business trends, IBM suggested there are seven key bets worth making for businesses to create opportunities over the next three years.

In a presentation at the annual IBM Think conference in Orlando, Florida, Jesus Mantas, global managing partner, business transformation services at IBM Consulting, detailed the bets based on trends IBM has identified.

Each bet is based on a specific trend. Here are the recommended business bets with the associated trend:

  1. Implement secure, AI-first intelligent workflows to run the enterprise.
    Trend: Tech-led disruptions are accelerating, driven by generative AI.

  2. Invest now in augmented reality (AR) solutions with clear benefits.
    Trend: The pragmatic metaverse will enhance the physical world, not replace it.

  3. Avoid false choices between sustainability and profit.
    Trend: Sustainability promises are showing progress.

  4. Simplify, digitize and partner to build a resilient enterprise.
    Trend: Re-globalization, reskilling and new partnerships are transforming value chains.

  5. Invest as much in your software supply chain as your physical supply chain.
    Trend: Every product becomes a digital product.

  6. Embrace the new work-life continuum in a tech-enabled workplace.
    Trend: Skills scarcity and demographic shifts are defining the new social contract.

  7. Apply design leadership to change every aspect of the enterprise.
    Trend: Experience matters more than we think.

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Mantas said experiences are key.

“Every product and service is becoming a digital experience,” he said, “Your car is not just your car. It's an experience. Now your bank account is an experience. When you put together AI and experience, that's when magic happens.”

As did several presenters at Think, Mantas also highlighted the popularity of generative AI.

“The foundation models that power generative AI now have existed for a few years,” Mantas said. “Generative AI is capturing everybody's imagination, democratizing AI. Change, experience and AI got together. ChatGPT brought together a well-designed, very simple user experience with those powerful algorithms.”

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