Rashad IngageThis week, AI Business caught up with Rashad A. Jaffery, the CEO of Ingage.ai. Rashad has a wealth of experience building scalable software products for enterprises, mobile operators, and consumer apps. At Ingage.ai he is focussed on delivering AI-as-a-service across a range of industries including finance, healthcare, and marketing. The Ingage platform is integrated with industry-leading e-commerce and enterprise application clouds including IBM Watson Campaign Automation and Salesforce/ Demandware. The result is a state of the art conversational interface platform that allows organizations to streamline their workflows efficiently and understand their customers more effectively.

Many companies are now embracing conversational interfaces and for good reason. For one thing, conversational interfaces are truly cross-platform and work across smart-phones, desktops, smartwatches and integrate well with services like Twitter, Facebook, and Google. Another factor is the significant strides in natural language technology in recent years. For example, earlier in May 2017, Google CEO Sundar Pichai revealed that the word error rate of Google Assistant is currently at an all-time low of 4.9%, down from 8.5% in July 2016.

Ultimately, the opportunity is very exciting. There is great potential in eliminating the underlying friction that makes it hard for every person to get things done on a computer. John Brownlee writes in CO.Design, The dream of conversational interfaces is that they will finally allow humans to talk to computers in a way that puts the onus on the software, not the user, to figure out how to get things done. We have the potential to entirely change the way we use computers going forward. Furthermore, according to one 2017 IBM study taken from ’30 of AI’s most knowledgeable scientists and thought-leaders,’ the consensus within 3 to 5 years is that “advances in AI will make the conversational capabilities of computers vastly more sophisticated. This will pave the way for a sea change in computing. And the key lies in helping machines master one critical element for effective conversation—context.”


Rashad reveals that the mission of Ingage has been and continues to be simplifying the adoption of conversational experiences across the enterprise spectrum so that companies see real benefits.

He explains this further, “At Ingage we have a pragmatic approach to AI for mass market adoption. Our broad-based AI Conversational interface encourages any marketing practitioner, IT Manager/Software developer to build smart AI conversational services for marketing, e-commerce and enterprise Applications/Workflows.”

He continues, “We are taking a disruptive approach to AI for mass-market adoption; Ingage.ai is first of a kind platform to launch AI-as-a-Service with machine learning. The Ingage management team has over 100+ years’ experience of scalable enterprise software systems with proven exits. Ingage.ai is an outcome of intensive development of over two and half years using cutting edge NLP and machine learning technologies.”


“Today we are seeing a paradigm shift in user interfaces, customer engagement and work flow interactions with machine learning at the centre. The broad-based horizontal approach of the Ingage platform presents a unique opportunity to mass-enable AI interfaces and training for all Enterprise software. We are powering Industry-specific AI and learning, coupled with people specific inference and associative memory. This is what AI-as-a-Service is all about, and ingage provides this at scale.”

Rashad reveals how businesses can benefit from conversational AI interfaces today:

“Conversational AI interfaces removes the high friction of web-based dashboards with simple text and voice interface. The result is natural augmentation through human like interaction with machines.”

“Today software across the business sector is highly fragmented and specific to individual functions. Each piece of software has its own way of integrating data, creating actions and presenting results. This means that employees waste time and struggle to complete tasks within and across ERP systems by navigating around several of the core ERP screens,” Rashad explains.

“Ingage powered conversational AI offers a smarter way to work. We help teams to execute workflows, deliver actionable alerts, provide on-demand, relevant report, and send data into ERP systems.”

Rashad explains, “Ingage AI-as-a-Service provides a disruptive approach enable AI conversational interfaces to Enterprise software and Workflows where simple conversational UI replaces high friction menu driven Web interfaces providing efficiencies at scale. Ingage.ai is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) where IT managers can start to integrate AI interfaces for Enterprise server software and create M2M interactions for Enterprise Work Flows.”

Understand your customers

“Conversational AI enables enterprises to gain deeper insights into their user behaviors. Coupled with machine learning, enterprises can provide personalized experiences to their customers.”

“Our AI platform powers brands and enterprise with deep insights into user interactions. Ingage’s conversation engine learns from each user contextual insights to provide personalized experiences. We provide detailed user engagement data and sentiment analysis using NLP not possible with traditional analytics.”