The MIT Technology Review released a list of their top 50 smartest companies in 2016 that they believe best combine innovative technology with an effective business model. AI Business have condensed that list down to ten, and is giving you the top 10 smartest AI-companies.

It is the first time that 20% of MIT’s list includes companies relying on artificial intelligence, which emphasise the statement that to be successful in the technology industry today, you have to implement a high level of AI. Let us start with ‘China’s Google’, Baidu.

1 – BaiduBaidu is a Beijing-based company worth $55billion. They apply AI by using speech recognition intelligence they have named Deep Speech 2.

2 – Tesla: With their founder, Elon Musk being highly engaged in the AI-sphere, the transportation company is applying AI in order to develop a practical map of the world in real-time, using data from its radar and camera, in order to reduce the chances of accidents on autopilot by 50%. They are also looking into developing self-driving cars in the future.

3 – Alphabet: Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is Google. The company is about businesses prospering through strong leaders and independence, and uses AI in hundreds of its applications. As 20% of searches in Google are voice-driven, Alphabet uses NLP to ensure accurate results.

4 – Nvidia: Deemed the “world leader in visual computing”, NVIDIA has for more than two decades pioneered visual computing, the art and science of computer graphics. Their work is at the centre of the most consequential mega-trends in technology — virtual reality, artificial intelligence and self-driving cars.

5 – Enlitic: A private startup that applies deep learning to increase the speed and accuracy of doctors. It helps doctors detect X-ray problems, and they claim that its system that is still in process is more accurate and efficient than humans in detecting lung cancer.

6 – Facebook: The king of social media has applied AI from the early days in anything from facial-recognition to customising your adverts and ‘likes’.

7 – Microsoft: The computer giant has recently announced that it has created a 5,000-person business unit that will be dedicated to AI across multiple businesses. Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella recently said that they are infusing AI into everything they deliver across their computing platforms and experiences.

8 – IBM: “Go beyond artificial intelligence with Watson”, IBM’s website says about their flagship AI. Watson is working with businesses, scientists, researchers, and governments to outthink IBM’s biggest challenges.  The company has bought companies such as Truven Health Analytics and the Weather Company in order to train Watson.

9 – Bosch: Bosch is a German manufacturing company who applies AI to increase its growth, using machine learning-based predictive maintenance and self-monitoring. Bosch is continuously searching for candidates with expertise in artificial intelligence methods such as probability-based reasoning, machine learning, probabilistic environment modeling, and data mining, meaning they are continuously looking to improve and expand their AI-department.

10 – Improbable: This is a company that applies AI, using deep learning, to simulate reailty. “Rather than seed its platform with machine-learning derived approaches–the statistics approach to smarts–Improbable is creating an IOS where you can write the rules of your reality and set those rules in action”, Inc. writes.

The full list of the 50 companies can be foudn at:

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