Marketing execs often drone on about how ads need to be engaging, but one campaign that just kicked off in London is taking engagement to a whole new level.

Is artificial intelligence the copywriter of the future?

Using artificial intelligence, the “smart poster” actively changes in order to engage those nearby and could represent a whole new marriage of technology and advertising.

Created by M&C Saatchi, Clear Channel and Posterscope as a proof of concept, the poster ad will rewrite itself to sell a fictional coffee brand, Bahio.

“This innovation is breaking new ground in the industry because it’s the first time a poster has been let loose to entirely write itself, based on what works, rather than just what a person thinks may work,” David Cox, the chief innovation officer at M&C Saatchi, said in a release. “We are not suggesting a diminished role for creative, but we know technology will be playing a greater part in what we do.”

The technology uses an algorithm to test different combinations of elements including image, copy, font and other features.

“This pioneering campaign demonstrates what the evolving capabilities and unique agility of the digital out-of-home medium can offer advertisers,” according to Glen Wilson, the managing director of Posterscope.

An attached camera can measure the visage of viewers and note if they seem pleased, sad or neutral in regards to the ad. Armed with this information, the ad’s algorithm can decide how successful certain combinations are at engaging those nearby.

“DOOH [digital out-of-home] campaigns can already tweak creative as they go, using real-time technologies that adapt based on factors like temperature, weather, travel info, location and time of day,” Wilson continued. “This experiment goes one step further, evolving beyond a pure reliance on environmental factors to add emotional engagement as a measurable trigger, to ensure campaigns achieve maximum relevance.”

The ads will run in London until August 21. The partners haven’t revealed if they are planning to use the groundbreaking technology to sell actual products anytime soon.

“We know that this is merely scratching the surface of the potential for artificial intelligence in the digital out of home arena and are very much looking forward to exploring the possibilities this kind of technology presents for advertisers in the near future,” Neil Chapman, head of Create at Clear Channel, explained.

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