Next Wednesday 21st June, 2pm ET – find out why AI is not just a buzzword but rather a core part of Konica Minolta’s vision for the workplace of the future.

Register here and join Dennis Curry, Konica Minolta’s Executive Director and Deputy CTO, for an insightful webinar on “AI, IoT and Cloud: More Than Workplace of the Future™ Buzzwords”.

Within the webinar, Dennis Curry will provide more information about Konica Minolta’s strategy for Artificial Intelligence in digital workplaces. If you are a researcher with an interest in the different topics related to enterprise AI, or if you want to know more about the integration of AI with cloud and IoT solutions, this webinar is for you.

“In order to build a truly empowering AI we need to take a fundamentally new and broader perspective that builds a digital environment and enables digital intelligence to flourish”, says Dennis Curry. The aim is to achieve the integration of AI systems with existing cloud infrastructures to be more cortex-oriented and to use the Internet of Things as a consistent interface between digital and physical worlds.

“This set of webinars about Konica Minolta’s vision around AI, provides us with a great opportunity to gain useful insights from our audience and it enables us to establish a two-way communication to foster further collaboration around this theme with other research and industrial organizations”, concludes Dennis Curry.

How will artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud computing revolutionize the workplace of the future? Find out in this intriguing webinar and learn how Konica Minolta’s highly anticipated Workplace Hub platform will find itself at the center of this coming revolution.

In this webinar, you’ll also:

  • Gain an understanding of the big market and technology changes underway that will support flexible work and improve decision making
  • Discover some of the unexpected and recent developments in AI that will result in unseen future challenges and opportunities
  • Get a preview of the Cognitive Hub being developed and how it will lead the way from information-based work towards more intelligent- and cognitive-based work

Dr. Dennis Curry

Dennis is responsible for the company’s global R&D strategy and overall business development as well as key emerging technologies. His vision positions the future applications of Artificial Intelligence, cyber physical systems and Internet of Things at the core of the revolution that will affect our workplaces in the upcoming years when intelligent devices, people and places will be connected in an advanced network capable of expanding and augmenting human intelligence.

You can register for the webinar at the following link: