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Global Interconnection Index: Volume 4

Volume 4 of the annual Global Interconnection Index (GXI) reveals that digital leaders continue to harness interconnection—direct and private traffic exchange between key business partners—to drive a competitive advantage.

The ongoing robust growth of interconnection bandwidth from 2019–2023 is resulting from the influence of key macro trends and the emergence of COVID-19.

Prompted by 2020’s massive disruptions from COVID-19, businesses have had to transform how they operate, driving unprecedented demand for digital Service Providers and a need for increased interconnection.

Demand has shifted at the industry and regional levels, and the landscape of who connects to whom is evolving as more businesses reach digital maturity.

While previous forecasts have shown Enterprises overtaking Service Providers in interconnection bandwidth growth rates, this volume of the GXI shows how the impact of COVID-19 has effectively flipped the digital adoption patterns of these two segments. The following data and insights will show how interconnection bandwidth is forecast to compound as organizations respond and adapt to global challenges, trends and an increasingly interconnected world.


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