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The Future of Work Report: From Headcount to Skill Count

Amidst the pandemic, the need for new skills has grown, with as many as 86% of enterprises considering talent shortage to be a key barrier to achieving their desired outcomes.

Meanwhile nearly 40% of HR leaders are not aware of the abilities their employees possess.

Effective management of remote and diverse teams requires a good understanding of your workforce as well as being able to effectively manage the skillset of your specialists - it can mean “life or death” for a company.

The Talent Alpha report, From Headcount to Skill Count, produced in collaboration with global partners: Everest Group, Global Sourcing Association, Global Technology & Business Services Council, EPAM Systems, Venture L, Transformant and Pro Progressio, gives you insight into how to change your approach to managing resources and maximize your employee’s potential in the post-pandemic world.


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