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Government AI Readiness Index 2020

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the strategic importance of Artificial Intelligence for governments around the world is more evident than ever before.

From the pharmaceutical companies using AI to assist with the development of new drugs and treatments, to the use of AI to assist contact tracing with mobile phone and geolocation data, new technologies have helped governments manage the pandemic, and may well play a role in the economic recovery to follow.

These COVID-19 use cases are a few of many examples where AI can help governments.

From healthcare to education to transportation, AI could improve the delivery of public services.

But how can governments position themselves to take advantage of this AI-powered transformation?

In this report, Oxford Insights and the International Research Development Centre (IDRC) present the findings of our Government AI Readiness Index to answer this question. Now in its third iteration, the Government AI Readiness Index ranks the capacity of governments to implement AI in the delivery of their public services. It draws on 33 indicators across 10 dimensions and functions as a tool to compare the current state of government AI readiness in countries and regions across the globe.

The report includes nine expert analyses for each region of the world and 25 specific country profiles. This year, Oxford Insights included for the first time also a responsible AI sub-index providing a first look at how governments compare on the issue of responsible use.


Lead authors: Walter Pasquarelli, Eleanor Shearer, and Richard Stirling.


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