The latest AI Ready or Not: Artificial Intelligence Here We Come report is the reason why marketers now expect artificial intelligence to have a greater impact than social media.

The bold statement is published in an article by CMO after the release of the report produced by Weber Shandwick in partnership with KRC Research.

The report has surveyed both marketing leaders as well as consumers, and found that four in 10 CMOs claimed to know a lot about AI, versus 18 per cent of consumers.

“Seven in 10 marketing leaders said their organisations are doing or planning for business in theartificial intellience (AI) era, and 85 per cent said AI will change their workforce by requiring both new skillsets (40 per cent) or reducing the number of jobs (45 per cent)”, CMO writes.

Those surveyed by CMO also expected that the skills requirement around AI would ultimately result in a reduction in jobs. However, 57% anticipated that these new “skillsets” would be a requirement in the next two years, which could result in new positions emerging.

The report revealed that 55% of marketers expect that artificial intelligence will have a greater impact on the way that they perform their jobs, than social media ever had.

“On the consumer side, AI was most commonly associated with robots and few were able to name an AI brand leader”, CMO writes. “Across the consumers surveyed, 34 per cent didn’t know anything about AI and 18 per cent claimed to know a lot. Forty per cent believed AI was reality now, and 52 per cent believed it would be eventually”.

The result also revealed that around 80% of the consumers gained their overall impression from a variety of media, with views moving towards the positive, with consumers six times more likely to the impact of AI on society as something positive rather than negative.

The result proved that the more educated the public is about AI, the more positive they are about its impact on society. This supports the argument raised by many in the debate around AI and its affect on society, that without sufficient education about its impact, people will still remain sceptical.

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