Microsoft, a sponsor of our upcoming event, The AI Summit, will be running a new web series of 6 shows aimed at explaining some of the key technologies that make up the field of artificial intelligence, called Introducing AI.

With AI revolutionising the ways businesses operate, they’ll be a great number of people who’ll want to gain more knowledge about the exciting new technology. This is where Microsoft’s new 6 part web series, Introducing AI, comes into play.

Introducing AI is a series is designed for people looking for an accessible briefing about all the different aspects of AI including: cognitive computing, IoT, data insights and machine learning, bots and conversational intelligence, understanding deep learning, and how AI can be applied as part of the digital transformations of businesses.

The content is designed with a business and technical audience in mind, yet there will also be additional deeper tech sessions after each of the 6 shows, for those who are serious about getting to grips with AI. The series will be streamed online, via Channel 9’s website, on Tuesdays at 12:30pm London time (11:30 UTC) for 6 weeks, and it will start on the 4th of April with a live streamed show, and concludes on May 9th with the final show being broadcast live from The AI Summit London in the Business Design Centre.

Image courtesy of Ben Franske