Beleaguered Eagles Fans Rejoice: AI Predicts Super Bowl Win

This will only be the Eagle’s second Super Bowl victory since 1933.

Deborah Yao, Editor

February 9, 2023

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  • AI predicts that Eagles will win Super Bowl LVII.
  • It will be the only second Super Bowl win for the Eagles since 1933.
  • Eagles offense will be strong and allow fewer than 2.5 sacks.

This Sunday's Super Bowl LVII could be a nail-biter, but when the rumble is over, the Philadelphia Eagles is predicted to win against the Kansas City Chiefs. It will only be the second time the Birds will win the Super Bowl since 1933.

That is the forecast of the AI model developed by Unanimous AI. Its Swarm Intelligence platform uses AI to build a ‘hive mind’ in which the decisions of a group of people are much sharper than that of any individual.

However – stay calm, rabid Eagles fans − the Swarm AI system also only gives a “slight lean” to the Eagles, with a confidence rating of 5 that the team will win on a scale of 1 to 10, indicating “medium confidence,” Josh Sitzer, chief business officer, told AI Business.

So it is still not a slam dunk.

Philadelphia has been thirsting to repeat its first Super Bowl win, which was in the 2017 season against the New England Patriots helmed by Tom Brady. The team also appeared in the 2004 and 1980 Super Bowls.

Since then, the Eagles team has changed radically, with the eventual departures of quarterback Carson Wentz (Washington), backup quarterback Nick Foles (Indianapolis) who played in the Super Bowl due to an injured Wentz, and coach Doug Pederson (Jacksonville).

Current Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts was controversially asked to start games back when he was a rookie backup to franchise quarterback Wentz.

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As for the Chiefs, the team has two Super Bowl wins, in 2020 and 1970. They also appeared in Super Bowls in 2021 and 1967.

AI makes in-game predictions

Swarm AI also made prop bets, or in-game bets regardless of who wins. The AI model is predicting that the Eagles will be leading at halftime before winning it all.

With Eagles leading at halftime, Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes will be pressured into passing more and ditching the run game.

Swarm AI predicts that Mahomes will have more than 25.5 completions.

Moreover, the AI model is predicting that the Eagles’ offensive line will perform “highly” and allow fewer than 2.5 sacks of Hurts, Sitzer said. “This could also be an effect of the Eagles leading the game and primarily running the ball.”

Overall, the game itself will be tight. “All the handicappers see this as a very close game,” Sitzer said.

Here are other prop bets for the game:

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