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Google’s New Gemini Advanced Predicts Super Bowl Winner

ChatGPT and Anthropic's Claude declined to give predictions. Gemini Advanced, formerly Bard, was game

Deborah Yao

February 9, 2024

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AI Business via Gemini Advanced

At a Glance

  • Google just unveiled a premium version of its Bard AI chatbot, renaming it Gemini Advanced.
  • AI Business took it out for a spin, asking Gemini Advanced to predict the Super Bowl winner.
  • ChatGPT and Anthropic's Claude both said they do not do predictions.

Google just unveiled the premium version of its ChatGPT rival, Bard, and renamed it Gemini Advanced. It is built atop Google’s most powerful large multimodal model to date, Gemini Ultra.

AI Business took it for a spin and asked the question at the top of football fans’ minds: Who will win Super Bowl LVIII this Sunday?

The game will be a repeat match-up of the 2020 Super Bowl, with the Kansas City Chiefs prevailing against the San Francisco 49ers. Will the 49ers redeem themselves this time around or will the Chiefs continue to dominate?

We asked ChatGPT and Anthropic’s Claude the same question, but both chatbots said they do not give predictions.

Gemini Advanced, however, was game.

The prompt

Look at all the data for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to predict who will win the Super Bowl in the 2023 season.

Gemini Advanced

"Absolutely! Let's break down the key factors that could shape the 2023 Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers."

"Important Note: I'll use recent data and trends, but things can change rapidly in the NFL."

Kansas City Chiefs

The Mahomes factor: Patrick Mahomes is an exceptional quarterback. His ability to extend plays, throw with remarkable accuracy, and find creative solutions under pressure makes him a constant threat.

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Offensive weapons: Travis Kelce is one of the most dominant tight ends in NFL history. Even with Tyreek Hill gone, they have a solid receiving corps and Isaiah Pacheco has emerged as a strong rushing threat.

Experienced leadership: Andy Reid is a brilliant coach with a track record of success in big games. The Chiefs have been consistently strong, making deep playoff runs.

San Francisco 49ers

Defensive powerhouse: The 49ers boast arguably the best defense in the NFL. Nick Bosa is a Defensive Player of the Year candidate, and they have depth at every position. They excel at getting pressure on quarterbacks and generating turnovers.

Offensive versatility: Coach Kyle Shanahan is one of the league's most creative offensive minds. With weapons like Christian McCaffrey, Deebo Samuel, George Kittle, and potentially a high-ceiling rookie QB in Brock Purdy, they can attack defenses in various ways.

‘Been There, Done That’: Many core players experienced successful post-season runs, giving them a mental edge in high-pressure games.

Key Factors to Consider

Quarterback battle: Mahomes is the more established superstar, but Brock Purdy's confidence and performance have been impressive. How Purdy fares under the pressure of his first full season with potential ups and downs will be crucial.

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Injuries: A key injury can change the entire dynamic of the Super Bowl.

Defensive matchups: Can the Chiefs' offensive line protect Mahomes well enough against the 49ers' relentless pass rush? Will the 49ers' skill players find seams against a solid Chiefs’ defense?

Coaching adjustments: Reid and Shanahan are masterful play-callers. Who will come up with those in-game adjustments that sway the momentum?


This is a truly compelling matchup. It is incredibly difficult to pick a definitive winner at this early stage. The Chiefs have the slight edge due to Mahomes' sheer talent, but the 49ers boast a top-tier defense and are always dangerous with Shanahan's schemes.

How human predictions stack up

ESPN predicts the Chiefs will win as well, after asking 64 NFL analysts, writers, commentators, columnists and other pundits. Three-fourths of those surveyed picked the Chiefs.

They also predicted the final scores, the most popular of which was 27-24 and 27-21. Eighty percent of respondents believe the game will be decided by a touchdown or less, according to ESPN.

Las Vegas betting odds favor the 49ers, according to Vegas Insider. It compiled the spreads from several sites and show 49ers at (-2) for most bets while the Chiefs were at (+2). Negatives are favored teams.

Moneyline: 49ers (-130), Chiefs (+110)

Over/under: 47.5

BetMGM NFL also chose the 49ers over the Chiefs.

At legal U.S. sportsbooks, the 49ers are also favored to win, according to Legal Sports Report. They are favored by two points with the most common moneyline odds at (-130) for the 49ers and (+110) for the Chiefs.

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