Google Sheets is Getting Smarter Through Machine Learning

Google Sheets is Getting Smarter Through Machine Learning

Ed Lauder

June 2, 2017

1 Min Read

Google Sheets is being given new machine learning tools which will enable people to better visualise their data and it will even automatically build charts for you.

Google is really starting to lean heavily on AI. At their annual developers conference, Google I/O, they announced their plans for the new technology, which includes things like their new and improved photos app through AI, improved Google Home, VPS (visual positioning system) and Google Lens.

Google is taking AI very seriously indeed, and they proved this fact yet again by adding even more machine learning tools to their popular spreadsheets cloud service, Google Sheets. They've expanded their machine learning-powered feature, Explore, to Google Sheets.

Sheets GIF

Explore lets you ask natural questions to your data, which means that you can directly ask the programme to do something such as make you a bar chart, and it will do it automatically, without you needed to fill in a single rectangle.

Explore could already do things such as build graphs automatically, yet it was unable to make graphs specifically geared towards your questions. This added feature also allows you to sync data from one Google Cloud-based programme to another. This means that you can transfer data from Google Docs or Slides over to Google Sheets, which makes things a whole lot easier.

Google's also improved their printing experience, which means that you can now have your spreadsheets beautifully printed onto pieces of paper if you so wish, although we'd recommend you use recycled paper in order to protect the environment.

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