With the vast impact and potential of artificial intelligence, and its predicted influence on the way people work and live, the government have now called for a thorough research into the legal and societal impact of AI in our daily lives.

BBC reports that MPs from the Science and Technology Committee have acknowledged the necessities of this research, and are asking the government to establish a commission dedicated to researching these issues.

‘That will include new skills for humans as artificial intelligence takes jobs’ the BBC writes.

Acting Science and Technology Committee chairwoman, Dr. Tania Mathias explained how artificial intelligence has a long way to go, and that as of now, their primary purpose is narrow and specific roles such as voice-recognition.

“But science fiction is slowly becoming science fact, and robotics and AI look destined to play an increasing role in our lives over the coming decades.

“It is too soon to set down sector-wide regulations for this nascent field, but it is vital that careful scrutiny of the ethical, legal and societal ramifications of artificially intelligent systems begins now”, Mathias told the BBC.

The commission will be set up at the Alan Turing Institute, and its purpose, according to Dr Mathias is to identify the necessary principles for controlling AI’s development and its application, as well as cultivate debate.

“It is conceivable that we will see AI technology creating new jobs over the coming decades while at the same time displacing others. Since we cannot yet foresee exactly how these changes will play out, we must respond with a readiness to re-skill and up-skill.This requires a commitment by the government to ensure that our education and training systems are flexible, so that they can adapt as opportunities and demands on the workforce change” Dr Mathias told BBC.

The initiative has been praised by TechUK as well, the representing body of UK technology companies.

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