The Chinese internet firm Tencent Holding published its first machine generated financial news report. The Asian giant’s robot named Dreamwriter wrote the flawless 916- word article on inflation in a time span of 60 seconds.

News Writing Robot Introduced In China

The news was written in Chinese. Readers failed to discover that the article was produced by a machine, until the last paragraph which reads,” Article’s source: Dreamwriter. Tencent Finance has developed an automated news-writing machine based on algorithms. The machine generates articles in a very short time after analyzing and evaluating data and delivers important data and analysis to readers within a minute.”
Shanghai-based publication, The Paper was amazed to find out that the article had beaten other Chinese media firms to the punch in reporting the figures, as reported by Want Daily. Tencent Finance’s assistant editor-in-chief has stated that the media company expects that Dreamwriter would succeed in critically analyzing big data and produce articles by utilizing artificial intelligence and algorithms in the future, according to Taiwanese magazine Business Next. Tencent also expects that the utilization of the machine would provide its reporters more time to perform more complex and challenging reporting tasks, stated Liu.

Tencent refused to share the machine’s information, so it remains vague how the robot would generate articles, stated Business Next. Robotic writers are not new to the corporate world. The Associated Press has been employing a software pioneered by the American artificial intelligence firm Automated Insights, to write 150 to 300-word earnings reports since July last year. In May, National Public Radio’s White office correspondent competed with Wordsmith, news writing computer application pioneered by Automatic Insights to complete an earnings report, as stated by NPR.

Verge reported that It’s unlikely that computing devices would soon replace human beings, contrary to that they would let journalists consume more energy and time to “think critically about the bigger picture,”.