Funding raises for Magic, MindsDB and Build38

Ben Wodecki, Jr. Editor

February 13, 2023

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Funding blitz

Startup: Magic - Based in San Francisco, Magic is developing an ‘AI-powered software engineer.’ The startup is building an automated coding tool to rival that of GitHub’s Copilot.

Latest funding: $23 million, series A

Notable investors: CapitalG (Alphabet’s independent growth fund), Nat Friedman (former CEO, GitHub), Noam Brown (research scientist, Meta) Mehdi Ghissassi (director of product, Google Research)

Other investors: Amplify Partners’ Elad Gil (backed Airbnb, Coinbase and Pinterest), and others.

Funding plans: Magic said the funding will accelerate its plans to build a true AI colleague for software engineering.


Startup: MindsDB - An open source machine learning startup, San Francisco-based MindsDB allows users to detect anomalies and query their datasets.

Latest funding:$16.5 million, series A

Investor: Benchmark

Funding plans: The investment follows MindsDB’s recent integrations with Hugging Face and OpenAI, allowing users to bring natural language processing and generative AI models into their database with just a few lines of SQL.


Startup: Build38 – A German startup building mobile application protection solutions that combine AI-powered threat intelligence and app shielding technology.

Latest funding: €13 million ($14 million), series A

Lead Investor: Tikehau Capital

Other investors: eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners and Caixa Capital Risc

Funding plans: The newly secured cash will help to accelerate the growth of Build38’s mobile app security and threat intelligence solutions worldwide, the company announced.


Startup: Cydar Medical – A U.K. cloud-based surgical software company, Cydar’s EV Maps product is being used in hospitals to optimize endovascular MIS procedures.

Latest funding: $11.5 million, series A

Lead Investor: Pembroke VCT

Other investors: Downing Healthcare Ventures

Funding plans: Proceeds will enable the company to advance its artificial intelligence surgical maps platform and also bolster its ongoing commercial expansion, Cydar said.


Startup: - an AI-powered employee service SaaS platform based in California.

Latest funding: $11 million, series A

Lead Investor: SIG Venture Capital

Other investors: Exfinity Venture Partners, 9Unicorns, Tri Valley Ventures.

Funding plans: Rezolve said the funds will be used to scale growth and further advance the capabilities of its platform.


Startup: Avicenna.AI - French company that provides AI solutions for radiology.

Latest funding: $7.5 million, early-stage venture round

Investors: Innovacom, Cemag Invest

Funding plans: The new funds will be used to scale deployment of Avicenna's solutions across the world and to diversify the company's offering into new areas of medicine.


Startup: Mawari - California-based startup working on cloud rendering and XR streaming technologies.

Latest funding: $6.5 million, seed round

Lead Investors: Blockchange Ventures and Decasonic

Other investors: Abies Ventures, Accord Ventures, Anfield, Outlier Ventures, Primal Capital

Funding plans: The funds will be used to expand Mawari’s existing R&D team and to accelerate the launch of the Mawari Network, which is a decentralized XR content delivery platform.

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