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Google Offers Generative AI Training to Executives

Google Cloud also unveils new generative AI tools, including a platform to test out over 60 models

Ben Wodecki

June 7, 2023

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At a Glance

  • Google Cloud Consulting will offer "high-touch" generative AI training to executives.
  • Google Cloud unveils new generative AI tools, including a platform to test out over 60 models.
  • The company announced that Duet AI, Google’s answer to Microsoft Copilot, is coming to Workspace later this year.

Google Cloud Consulting is launching free training on generative AI that will "help C-suite leaders of top global companies reap the full, transformative benefits of generative AI."

The hyperscaler said these "high-touch" training programs will also strive to maintain "responsible development and deployment." The programs will offer on-demand learning paths and credential programs for Google Cloud customers and partners as well as developers.

Google Cloud also unveiled four generative AI consulting services to help customers with their AI deployments. These will use AI to discover trends with search engines and assistive experiences, summarize information from large volumes of content, automate time-consuming and expensive business processes and assist in creating more personalized content.

Google Cloud is offering frameworks to help customers jumpstart their generative AI work as well – including blueprints covering sample architectures and business-oriented workflows tailored for specific including marketing, financial services and retail.

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Google Cloud announced today that Duet AI, an AI-powered productivity collaboration tool, is being added to Google Workspace.

First unveiled at Google’s recent I/O event, Duet AI can help users with contextual code completion, refine content in Gmail or Docs and generate images from text in Slides. It can be embedded across Google Cloud interfaces and is similar to Copilot from rival Microsoft.

Duet AI is built to help enterprises “write, visualize, organize, accelerate workflows, have richer meetings and more,” said Google Vice President Steve Holt.

Google Cloud announced that Duet AI for Google Workspace Enterprise is available for pre-order and will be made generally available later this year.

Vertex AI updates

Google Cloud also announced the general availability of Model Garden and Generative AI Studio, two tools for its Vertex platform designed to help improve model deployment.

Model Garden is designed to allow users to experiment with foundation models from Google and partners. Among the more than 60 models included are PaLM for Text, Imagen for text-to-image and Chirp for speech-to-text.

Model Garden gives users enterprise-ready foundation models that can be tuned in the Generative AI Studio, with a host of tools allowing for experimentation, including tuning methods for larger models.

Both Model Garden and Generative AI Studio are generally available to customers with the recently unveiled Codey model for code completion available for public preview.

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